An ultrasonic eye for the visually impaired – #ArduinoMicroMonday

Dhavalislives in Surat (India) and grew up watching Sci-Fi and Super Hero Movies which made him believe that technology can overcome human weaknesses.He wrote us to share Netra (itmeans “eye” in Sanskrit), a project done during his second year of undergraduate engineering studies:Netra is an eye for visually ...


Is Valve’s SteamBox a contender for the next developer workstation?

A scenario started playing through my head the other day. In the late 1990s, Apple looked dead. Then they released OS X, plus very cool shiny hardware. That put Apple back in the game and gave them the life they needed to bring about the iPod, etc. Apple’s revival didn’t come from iPods and iPhones; it came because they made a deep connection to the software developers. In 2000, if you went to a developer conference, everyone was carrying some kind of PC laptop, probably running some version of Windows,


A DiskVaccuum For Obsolete Disk Formats

[Jim] has a box of disks for a very old Compucolor II computer, and with bit rot slowly setting in he figured it might be time to dump all those disks to a more permanent format. After reviewing the existing tools to read these disks, he decided to ...


Sphero 2.0 from Orbotix (CES 2014)

Dave from Orbotix introduced the original Sphero and the new generation Spheros at CES. The original Sphero is based on ARM Cortex-M3 processor while the Sphero version 2 goes twice as fast as the first generation by using a Cortex-M4 processor.


250 Hard Drives Used To Make One Awesome F1 Car

Though this car may look like an actual Formula1 racer at first glance, taking a closer look reveals that there is something unreal about it. Those of you who have operated on the internals of their PC’s will know that most of the components closely resemble hard drives.


TeledyneCETAC Deck the Halls

The sound you hear was created by precisely controlling the motion of an autosampler.The autosampler is the Teledyne CETAC Technologies ASX-7600. This autosampler was developed to handle the specific requirements of OEM customers needing robust, high-precision automation. CETAC's ASX-7000 series autosamplers provide precise control of movement speed while ...


The Mistletoe Drone

The Mistletoe Drone visited San Francisco's Union Square this Christmas to spread some holiday cheer. Project by: George Zisiadis & Mustafa Khanhttp://GeorgeZisiadis.com Thanks - Venetia PristavecCamera/Edit - Bunker SeyfertMusic - "Meet me under the mistletoe" - Dick Robertson


Candy cane lights controlled by Raspberry Pi


Reverse Engineering a Furby

This past semester I’ve been working on a directed study at my university with Prof. Wil Robertson reverse engineering embedded devices.After a couple of months looking at a passport scanner, one of my friends jokingly suggested I hack a Furby, the notoriously annoying toy of late 1990s fame.Everyone ...


Retrotechtacular: An Axe Factory of Yore

When your mind’s eye thinks of an ax factory you may envision workers loading blanks into a machine that refines the shape and profile before heading to an annealing furnace. But this is Retrotechtacular, and we’re tickled to feature a look at a different time in manufacturing history.


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